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We leave nothing to coincidence!

Our focus is on a concept of a sofisticated security that includes personal protection, property protection, event protection and Security Guards qith an high quality trainning in the mentioned areas. Our customers include celebrities, business and industrial leaders, business owners families and media and corporate events guests. We count on years of experience, advanced equipments and a lot of knowledge and regular formation of our employees. Together we deliver solutions according to your needs.

Detailed consultation, risk assessment and recomendation are of course free of charge.


In order to guaratee maximum security in high risk and/or threat situations, are our more experienced Bodyguards available.   

Thanks to intensive trainning you protect the occasional armed security personell in public or in private life. With us you will feel safer, without restricting your daily routines.In a time where uncertainty grows, we offer you, your family and your colleagues the following services:

• Discrimination 24 Hours Guards and accompanying persons

• Arrival with selected Media

• Surveillance and control


Among the most dangerous and most demanding tasks of bodyguards what counts is the security of persons. 

The training and qualifications of our bodyguards in diverse areas such as Driving training, firearms and close combat are very extensive. The expected high level of expertise, professionalism  as well as discretion is a matter of disciplin.

Child Protection

Child protection, is a sensitive area in our sector, because we can understand how important family is.

ESG Security Guard offers to your child specifically targeted protective accompaniment. You can select between female or male bodyguards. This will help your child on their way to school and supervise him at recreational activities, thereby ensuring the best protection.

Ranger service

The Ranger service  is a mobile security service that can be used by day and by night . When patrols work day and night, we ensure a high level of security. 

When there is a problem in the equipment or other irregularities, we can immediately initiate the necessary interventions with the help of our permanently manned operations center. We check all entrances, windows, fire escapes and the technical equipment such as Alarms and fire alarm systems.


Valuable goods require appropriate attention. ESG Security Guard directs the bodyguard or value protection on the hazard potential and their needs.

Our occasional armed security professionals are in use when a significant and immediate threat occurs. Thanks to years of experience, intensive training, we can protect objects and valuables professionally.

Events / Meeting security

For a smooth and safe running in your corporate or private events as well as cultural, political and sport events, we ensure through individual security concepts.

We work closely and co-operative with the respective police authorities, which we ESG Security Guard are prepared to stop escalitions and critical situations. We can have access to the guest list control, stage and backstage security, event services and parking assurance if you wish to.


 In and around the water, accidents and other dangerous situations are not uncommon.  

We have special trained lifeguards who are in emergency situations, in inattention or Negligent acts, there to help the bathers immediately.Thanks to our consistent and suited acts upon situations, we offer not only protection for the health and the life of your bathers, but also the preservation of your equipment from damage. Our lifeguards regularly attend first aid trainings.


Nothing is more irritating for an enterpriser, as if the products are stolen and before the eyes of the employees.   

Mystery shop-project is the first and only innovative Security Guard programme which is aimed on supermarkets and shops. Ours, as customers, to disguised house detectives supervise continuously and with trained eye your business. Beside the statement of shoplifting, we take over the whole treatment from the charges and the employee's control with the abandonment of the business if this is wished. In addition, we offer you test purchases and employee's training for the long-term prevention of thefts.

car rental organizations, helicopters and yachts

We gladly take over for you, renting cars, helicopters and yachts; These are of course checked and approved in advance by members of our team.

From oldtimer to the latest luxury car, we have the best connection to all rental and information where your heart's desires can be fulfilled. On wish, we also take over the collection and return of the desired vehicle.

Electrical safety (alarm systems and video surveillance)

Surely you've noticed it that in recent months the police increasingly warns of burglaries in apartments, houses and commercial buildings.

We ESG Security Guard help you secure your property using the latest technology to secure to alarm systems and video surveillance. We will help you find the suitable product for your security needs.