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Certified training for bodyguards, we will take you to your dream job. The exercise preformed by this profession requires a high level of resistance, quietness, pacience, skill and also an high level of physical condition



Your Work Material

Dream Job as a Bodyguard

Our job is not only to ensure the physical Integrity of the client, we take the fear and give Safety. To protect the clients' life in all circumstances, loyalty is the most important thing and constitutes one of the most fundamental traits. The main weapon of a Bodyguard is its ability to identify risks before they arise. To ensure the personal safety of Conservation, they protect you from assaults, assassinations and kidnappings, is an exercice, which primarily requires ingenuity. To protect a life, sometimes means, not to save the live first.

Job & Education

Qualification for bodyguards as Personal Protection Specialist  (TCS – CCIS)

The successful work in personal protection requires a certified Training as a bodyguard

Theoretical Training

In the theoretical training the necessary legal knowledge to mediated will be used. In this are all relevant areas such as criminal law, Civil criminal law and the civil law included, in particular special content Legal norms as the Weapons law. Theory also includes special techniques and tactics in the areas Psychology , observation , interviewing and communication training.

Practical Training

In addition to the theoretical part of the training it is carried out extensive practical Education. Bodyguards are in the unfortunate situation of the responders. Possible determine offenders and the Place and time of an attack or stop . When trained it creates automatically Free space for the correct responses . Only in this way , the projection of offenders in equipment, choice of the place, Time and resources are made up . Mental capacity becomes available for targeted, lookahead action . This vital requirement is achieved by our designed training. We train Practical situations in authentic locations.

From the practice for the practice

 Training is the necessary result of experiences

     Use related Training is a complex mental and physical process. The failure or success under stress conditions are on several factors dependent. The Creation of real circumstances of a possible use ensures the internalization of reciprocal relations of fitness, technique, tactics and power. Effective elements from a variety of defense sports we compiled and pass it on. Main goal of our training is to achieve and fixing of optimal Power which enables smooth operations in use. Two Main components of the practical training are the mission-related personal protection and combat training, and special shooting training.

     The objective will be people protection with ambition and determination to pursue. Each professional bodyguards  success must be in the Security industry, even after successful completion of hard work. It applies all areas of meet safety, socialize and from experiences collect. furthermore the bodyguard must also by the personal protection skills continuously train and at its core skills and his physical fitness work. The existence of the high demands on the future bodyguard is then with a certificate rewarded. The recognized certificate is the first step for each to his Dream job to meet the personal security or bodyguard.


√  Certificate people protection specialist 
√  Weapons expertise gem. § 7 
√  Certificate information "immediate life-saving measures" 
√  Witness the ESG CCIS

Duration of training and training periods

  • The duration of the training depends on the area in which they are trained.
  • The training period varies between 5 days, 10 days, 1 month, 2Months, 3 months and 6 months, depending on the area
  • The training period is fixed by agreement from us.


  • The cost of training vary according to the range of Lodging and food
  • The foregone training amount will be paid with 50% in advance. After completion of the Education the rest must be paid 

 Training objectives

Upon successful completion of the Certificate course personal protection specialist 
(ESG CCIS) you have the prerequisites for use in all areas of Security services. These include, besides the direct and indirect
Personal protection also qualified objects or event security and the backup money and valuables transport. At the same time you acquire social skills (Soft skills ) in Areas such as punctuality, environment compliant behavior, discretion and Team spirit.

Course contents

  • Personal protection specialist theory and practice
  •  Observations and reconnaissance technology
  • Jurisprudence
  • Business basics
  • Fundamentals Driving personal monitoring/ collection and shipment
  • Personal protection service customer and measures
  • Event Security
  • Safety analyzes and safety concepts
  • Security and crisis response
  • Life -saving emergency procedures (first aid ) and defibrillator training
  • Shooting training shooting in personal protection
  • Personal protection practice times practical exercises

 Forms of training

  • Application-oriented teaching theory 
  • Practical exercise
  • Personal protection exercises
  • Exercises with vehicles
  • Shooting training
  • Sports and martial arts training


  • 18+ 
  • Physical performance and health
  • Motivation